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Thread: Quads Living unassisted

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    Quads Living unassisted

    I have seen over and over quads say they live unassisted and have felt that somehow I have been wasting my life away my 35 years of quadizm. But the more I read post from all those saying they are independent. They all have caregivers. They live much the same way I do. Help getting up in the morning and after that pretty much no one until bedtime. So all the time when I hear that someone is living out their on there own now I don't feel so much like a failure. There are a few, and you guys know who you are, that are exceptional. Yes, lots of hard work and dedication. I could probably be like that. But as a C-5 with no wrist movement. I think I do quite well. Stop doing transfers years ago, which was probably a bad idea. I have got weaker but what took me 25 minutes to accomplish to one person three max.

    I am in downtime mode now, as I have a sore. Really think the exercise routine. I had help with my situation. For the worst not the better. Always pulling up, put the pressure on rear. And of course, once you start working out you get an adrenaline rush. So when the sores healed the first thing you want to do is start exercising again, wrong thing to do. Now I do the bedroom boogie. So that when I do get a all the hard work I was doing before won't be lost. Donnie

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    Independence is not just doing it all for yourself, but rather having control over your life. None of us can do it without help - SCI'd or AB. You might want to try to take this time to think about your viw on independence.

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    Us quads are doing well if we are not in a institution. Atendant care 57 hours a week. Own home, pay school/real estate tax, hire local folks for lawn care, snow plowing, new roof etc. Attendant care hours help poor local economy, if I can find any. I think I am helping.

    World of difference between complete/ incomplete, the age when folks got hurt and current age. Excellent rehab crucial. Mine was nonexistant.

    We all contribute the best we can. Although it is going to be much more dificult in PA.
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    I feel the same way,i'm a c-6 and thee is NO way I can be independent I have no balance,I can't sit for more then 6 hours without getting red somewhere.....

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    there r several of us who r totally ind needing zero help around c6, with no triceps. imo its all about conditioning. got to stay strong and not be a sickly quad. its hard work until u get it then, smooth sailing. rep
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    we're all different, there are quads who you would never guess were quads to the vent dependent with no movement below c2, I'm a c4 incomplete and I'm independent, can walk, but suffer from spasticity, we are all quads, but we have varying degrees of loss, to compare yourself to anyone else is not helpful, as long as you do the best for what you have, you're good.
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    I'm c3 quad, 34years old, don't need much care, but can't be left alone for obvious reasons, can't move below shoulders, no arm movement. want to get out of the nursing home, but can't get 24 hour care outside of here. been basically wasting my life here in my room on my computer everyday. so sick of it. would give anything to get out of an institution. when lived home with parents they lived in the middle of nowhere and couldn't get reliable help. so stuck here. my quality of life sucks. someone should come up with a living situation for younger individuals to live somewhere other than scattered in nursing homes. maybe like a small independent living community that gets us out in the community and somewhat of a life. it is a mental struggle everyday dealing with seniors all around you dieing, yelling 24/7... food here is kosher, bland with no taste. soup is slimy from thickener added for seniors with swallowing problems. hard watching aids your age talking albout there lifes, going out every night and me stuck here.

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    c6c7 live bymslf but have a girl come in 7 to 9 4 nights a week to do things i can/t i have ried by i just can/t transfer to bath chair by myself so a real bath 4 night good spit bath 3

    and she mops floors does thing i can/t but i drive grocery sho-p but do have someone here when i do to put up for me

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