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Thread: Internet erratic

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    Internet erratic

    Since last evening (8-15-2012) I have been experiencing major internet issues. There are breaks between data streams, connection timeouts, etc. making it almost impossible to use. Is something going on or is this just another Time-Warner cable breakdown?
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    Not sure, we have AT&T and my wife was complaining about slowness earlier. I've noticed it too, but nothing major.

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    Did you check you computer to see if tools is keeping everything clean. Have you got things scheduled for weekly (or whatever) updates, cleaning, etc...? Disk clean-up, updates, virus scan, and all that stuff.

    Also your connection type is a major aspect depending on how many people are on at the same time depending on what type of connection you have. If you suspect it's your ISP call them.

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    All ISPs will you sell more than they have. If you multiply subscriber speed by the number of subscribers you get an impossible number that ISP certainly has not purchased. This is called contention ratio. Internet traffic does not average out and is self-similar. This means that demand from subscribers will burst up at the same time much more frequently than if it were purely random. If the network is oversubscribed there will be data loss. The Internet Protocol has an Automatic Repeat reQuest, but this causes even more congestion and more ARQ and network collapse. The solution is to use QoS to ensure each subscriber gets something as if they don't the network dies. Good ISPs manage this. It is not just contention ratio, but how they manage it.

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