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Thread: wheel chair repair and driving controls

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    I think companies do this the way insurance companies do it, ALWAYS deny the first request to weed out the people that won't bother after that.

    So don't give up. I'd see about calling the sunrise rep that helped with the frame replacement for another member here with a Q7. She also got help from SCI_OTR, so contact him if you're getting nowhere.*
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    Thanks Lin. I did call United today and talked to Autumn. She was very helpful and stated that they (united) will stand by us. She is working on a chair for Ezra to use when they send the frame to quickie as they will not confirm if covered or not until they see it. Also she states the MN United will see him as he will be in college in MN after this week... He is releaved that he will have a chair no matter what. I had told him if I had to charge on my card he would have a chair. Hurts to see him so dependant on his chair. Realization is setting in. But.. we do feel that United is going to work with and for us so that is a positive point.

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    Just a response to all the comments saying that Ezra should have checked the chair at the airport: true, but it can be very difficult to find all the damage that an airline can inflict on your chair. My list of things to check before I accept the chair gets longer with every flight, and it's hard to do some of those things while you're strapped into an aisle chair and the oncoming flight crew is staring at you, waiting for you to get a move on.

    When Lufthansa bent my axle pin, I didn't figure it out by checking that the axles were engaged, by spinning the wheels, or even by taking the wheel off. It wasn't until I tried to put the wheel back on (150 km away from the airport) that the damage became apparent.

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    Katja, Thanks that is what Ezra said too that he was not even sure if that is what happened as he had not noticed anything for so long, actually not until someone else noticed the bend.
    Being new to a chair is hard enough without having to not be able to trust that your chair will be returned to you in decent shape.
    He did tell me he asked to be on the college student board as he feels that being new in a chair he sees the good and bad of what is supposed to be accessable.
    We really do appreciate all that we are learning from the members of this forum. I am not sure what we would do without your knowledge. Thanks again.

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    I wanted to give an update on Ezra's frame. United seating from mn is going up to his college with a different chair for him to use. They are sending the twisted q7 in to the manufacter as defected. Will see what happens. A new frame nas been ordered as one way or another he needs a chair. My ins company rents chairs for the first 5 to 6 months prior to purchase to be sure the chair works out. Not sure if this makes a diff or not

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