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Thread: wheel chair repair and driving controls

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    wheel chair repair and driving controls

    It has been awhile since I have posted. We have been busy getting Ezra ready for college. He leaves the end of the month. Happy for him but still struggling mom.
    We just noticed his Q7 frame is bent. The only thing we can figure is he flew to Rochester NY for USA sled hockey camp and tryout. Might have happened in the plane? We have a call to our dealer not sure if they can straighten it out our not. Will cost $ I am sure. He needs to look over his chair more than he does. A friend of his noticed when he was getting the chair out of the car the other day. We also did get his hand controls permantly installed in his Dodge journey. He loves the controls and took his driving test yesterday and passed.
    Also looking to invest in off road tires and wheels. If anyone has suggestions on tires and wheels we would appreciate it. He has the free wheel that he uses all the time but would like knobby tires for trails.
    All this and we have not gotten books yet.

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    Eek! Yea, you guys should have checked the chair thorougly before leaving the airport, that way the airport is financially responsible. I've seen so many horror stories here about plane damage. Since it's the frame it should be covered under warranty.
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    Frame damage caused by flight crew or the airport will not be covered by warranty. In what world would any company warranty damage caused by transport.

    True that you should have checked the chair at the airport and reported it to the airline. That would have started the damaged in transport claim and the airline might be willing to than pay for the repair.

    Now it may be a little late, as it will be difficult to prove when the damage occured.

    I have had 2 chairs damaged in flight,

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    Since you do not know when it got bent (could have been the airline...could not have one will really know) you may be able to get it covered by warranty. Hopefully your DME will go to bat for you with Sunrise Medical /Quickie and see what can be done, especially since his chair is relatively new.
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    She doesn't know for sure how it was damaged, so it's not like the company can refuse the warranty for that reason. Maybe she got a lemon frame, the company is then responsible.

    I have a Q7 and love it. No flying, but it was treated roughly when some asshole broke into my car and threw it onto the ground. My roommate found it in the street the next morning, had to search around for parts like one arm rest that was under the neighbors car. I was terrified it was damaged, but beyond scrapes I just had to adjust one brake forward which may have not even been related.
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    I am not paralyzed. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder with neuro complications and a movement disorder.

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    Thanks for all your ideas. We truely do not know for sure what happened. You would think there would scrapes, scratches or something if damaged at airport. It is kind of twisted more then bent I guess. Ya, I hope the tech goes to bat for us too. They are coming next Tuesday. Ezra leaves for college the following Thursday and he can not be without a chair. Will see what happens I guess. Everything seems to happen at once. We are leaning quick you roll with what you are dealt.

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    My knobbie tires are mountain bike tires from a bike store. I used an old set of wheels & push rims and local bike shop put 2-3" knobbies on them.

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    It's a Quickie and their customer Service sucks to boot. Sorry bout that Mom. This is not the first to have problems.

    If not asked, I wouldn't volunteer you flew. Oh man, I hope they come thru. There are just too many people having issues with their Quickies. They were suppossedly designed with an active, younger population in mind.
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    Ok, the DME tech came today. Ezra said his chair is twisted front to back. The tech stated that they would have to order a new frame. Not sure what they will do as he will be in Duluth and United seating is not up there. He was not asked how it happened so the flying did not come up. He will be flying once a month for sled hockey. I did tell him that my understanding was there is a closet in the cabin if his chair fits they should put it in there.

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    The DME called Friday... Quickie is saying they will not warrentee the frame. That unless the welds are broken we are SOL. Unreal he has had this chair 2 months. In looking at it the tech from the DME stated the chair should have held up better than it did in that he has seen videos of people doing back flips on them. I believe my insurance company is still paying rent each month as seems there policy to be sure we keep the chair before paying for it... The DME stated she was going to call the company again. I am thinking if Quickie will not send a new frame I will call my insurance and have them quit paying. BUT... Ezra needs a chair and leave for school the 30th....
    How do all of you put up with these frustrations.

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