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Thread: Interstim/Bladder Pacemaker

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    Interstim/Bladder Pacemaker

    I'm not sure if this goes here, but I was at the urologist Wednesday and I saw a poster for Interstim and I was wondering if Insterstim or some other device would be a way to control our bladders electronic instead of having to have a catheter. Here's a link to Interstim info -

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    No it is not approved for SCI and i had one and while it did work for a few months it stopped working very quickly after and i had it taken out 2 years later.
    What do you mean by "working"? What exactly was it helping you to do?

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    I looked into this as well ... they will never stop leaking and have the risk of sloughing your urethra permanently damaging it.

    Won't work in paralysis. Risk of infection as well.
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    It is not approved for use in individuals with spinal cord injury. I would encourage you to discuss it with your urologis, but I am guessing that will be the verdict.

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