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    current flu

    there is a flu going around and it's not good. been sick with it all week, my son sicker. flu shots are available at my local pharmacies. i blame my problem on all the doc/hospital visits i've had to make due to pelvic pain. i suggest everybody check w/dr or pharmacy to see if this is happening where you are. and update pneumonia shot if needed. i thought this was going to do me in.

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    It sure is pouring rain in your neck of the woods Cass.... So sorry you have been sick on top of everything else.

    I haven't heard of anything here on the east coast but they did close all the petting zoos at most of the county fairs this year in anticipation of "swine flu" . A few too many got sick and a few elderly/youn wg died last year. Funny how it wasn't really publicized much last year.
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    There are Purell pumps at fairs out here. H3N2v has been changed from last year's H3N2 as a varient of that swine flu. This H3N2v (variant) is gotten directly from contact with pigs. Enjoy the fair but wash hands after the pig barns and kiddie areas and again before eating. According to a late night CDC thing on PBS here this is different but no stronger than last year's flu. Get a flu shot unless your neurologist says not to and get it sooner rather than later if you live or work near or with livestock.
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    what's going around here is being passed person to person.

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    aw that sucks cass, like you actually need the flu huh? I hope you get over it quick.

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    While I totally agree that you should get the flu shot early versus later, I am not sure that it is even out yet. I do also agree that you should have your pneumovax and make sure that you wash your hands frequently!

    I am not trying to debate with you or argue with you about what you have, but are you sure it is a strain of the flu and not a virus? The syptoms are so similar and this is really early to have the flu. just asking the question.

    Either way, make sure that you drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest and treat the symptoms.

    Hope you feel better soon.


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    yes, it's the flu. and, yes, the pharmacies nearby are offering flu shots. they are out here for this.

    one article :

    there's another one about a cluster in florida and another in indiana. they don't seem to be anxious to report on it. why would my pharmacy be asking everybody if they'd like the flu shot now if it is not going around?

    i don't think the flu shot being offered now replaces what will be out in a couple of months. this seems more similar to 2009. this started last monday. i struggled for 2-3 days/nights pulling myself up to cough all the time. i was sick to my stomach, had fever, sore throat, etc. it has been hell.

    i'm wrong. the shot being offered now is for the upcoming seasonal flu, apparently:
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    Answering my own question, they can't. IMO, any pharmacy offering "seasonal flu shots" right now that aren't using the approved vaccine for the upcoming flu season should be prosecuted for false and deceptive advertising practices. This is clearly a "revenue-enhancement" strategy that's putting people at risk.

    There's a distinct possibility that some people who get the shot being offered now won't bother to get re-vaccinated when the approved vaccine become available, putting them at greater risk of getting the flu. It's also likely that some folks with limited income could pay for/get the shot now only to discover they really didn't get THE 2012-2013 seasonal vaccine and need to get and pay for a second flu shot a few months from now.

    This is so wrong.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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