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Thread: Unfair apartment question

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    Unfair apartment question

    I'm looking at apartments with my girlfriend and the first story apartments are more expensive than the second and third story, but I can't get to them because there are only stairs.

    The apartments say that they are Equal Housing Opportunity. Since my disability does not allow me to get up to those apartments, are they able to offer the lower priced apartments on the first floor for me?

    I'm very frustrated because I've only gotten "No" from the leasing agent, and I would like to save some money if at all possible.

    Does anyone have any expertise in this area?

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    Im no expert, but I think equal opportunity renter means no discrimination. It would not change the price they require for their apartments. I think you just have to pay more for the bottom floor, the same as I have to pay a continuous pet deposit every month while others pay a one lump sum. simply because that is what the building owner wants to charge.

    If a bottom floor apartment is available, and you like the apartment complex, it is worth the extra expense for the bottom floor. except if you have stompy loud upper neighbors like I do. I want to climb on the roof and stomp and jump so bad!

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    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    Thanks for the help! I figured it was a long shot, but I figured I'd check with the CC community.

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    Id call and ask what they think. I know someone with a case simply because the property owner didnt offer to show an apartment because she assumed the person could only have a first floor or accessible apartment. Different, but the same in a way.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    Hi there, I am not too sure if you are able to get a 1st floor apartment for a lesser amount. I would check with the Housing Disability Rights of TX I also found this as well (TX State Independent living). Hope this helps. Best wishes to you.

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    It seems if you are employed there may be an income tax deduction in this situation. There used to be, on Federal return, a place for "work-related deductions". In other words, expenses of a disabled person that enable them to work - you would be unable to get out to work in a 2nd story apartment. Perhaps the difference in rent could be deducted fully.
    A tax person would need to review this.

    Also, I'm surprised you are finding few ground level apartments - have you looked at newer construction, and also how about negotiating with the landlord as you are stuck with higher rent in ground level unit!
    Best of luck to you........

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    Hm, this sounds like discrimination to me. I would file a complaint with the department of justice if they're unwilling to compromise. Worst that could happen is the complaint is dropped. This is like a movie theater charging more for accessible seats because they're in the best part of the theater. Or charging a premium for handicap parking because they're the best spots. That's bs in my opinion. They need to reduce your rent or put in a damn elevator.

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