I have seen over and over quads say they live unassisted and have felt that somehow I have been wasting my life away my 35 years of quadizm. But the more I read post from all those saying they are independent. They all have caregivers. They live much the same way I do. Help getting up in the morning and after that pretty much no one until bedtime. So all the time when I hear that someone is living out their on there own now I don't feel so much like a failure. There are a few, and you guys know who you are, that are exceptional. Yes, lots of hard work and dedication. I could probably be like that. But as a C-5 with no wrist movement. I think I do quite well. Stop doing transfers years ago, which was probably a bad idea. I have got weaker but what took me 25 minutes to accomplish to one person three max.

I am in downtime mode now, as I have a sore. Really think the exercise routine. I had help with my situation. For the worst not the better. Always pulling up, put the pressure on rear. And of course, once you start working out you get an adrenaline rush. So when the sores healed the first thing you want to do is start exercising again, wrong thing to do. Now I do the bedroom boogie. So that when I do get a all the hard work I was doing before won't be lost. Donnie