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Thread: Santorini is very beautiful!

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    yes it is, but totally un-wheelchair friendly.


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    Mykonos, the island besides is better, I would have gone there with a chair even if it may be some difficulties. It is my favorite island and I spent my honeymoon there and I wasn't very good walking

    And here is my favorite restaurant
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    Thanks for pointing out something else that a chair will prevent me from being able to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nauticalmike View Post
    Thanks for pointing out something else that a chair will prevent me from being able to do.
    yeah, burn. I'd love to go to petra. :/ don't think riding a camel into the middle of Jordan is very feasible either- but I just try and focus on other areas that still seem more feasible, like this...
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    Beautiful! I remember that place was featured in the movie "summer lovers" with darryl hannah.
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    Santorini, Thera is the Greek name, is the island where they made the movie "Mama Mia" too
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    KLD, the security officer of a Celebrity ship wasn't happy but we had a great Greek lunch on the tendering pier area. Grilled sardines, eggplant, zucchini, tzatziki, bread and a big salad plus Retsina to drink. So it is possible to at least get on Thera if the line will let you tender.
    Been to Mykonos twice and both times it was monsoon type raining. I think everyone I have talked to prefer Rhodes to Santorini because in season there is no room to move if you can get up to the top. Have to say I agree until they reopen Alkatiri, a Minoan era town found inside Santorini.
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    Sue, what month have you been to Mykonos? I have never seen any rain at all. It never use to rain in Greece in summer, May to the middle of August.
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    I ve seen a documentary about the place.
    out of a fire rock and lava emerged another Jewel in the Mediterranean.
    Reminds me of Gozo our sister island

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