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Thread: Self pay catheters $12.95 box of 30 14 fr 16"

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    Self pay catheters $12.95 box of 30 14 fr 16"

    Hello Everyone, Nick here T-10 incomplete para owner of Independent Medical out of Phoenix Arizona. Please take the time to view our low cost self pay cure intermittent catheters. My company is very aware that a lot of us do not have insurance coverage. We have negotiated pricing with a major manufacturer of catheters to assist those who have out of pocket expenses for catheters. I appreciate your time and hope you have a great day. Nick

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    Thanks Much. I will be ordering again soon!! Last batch was great, nothing like pissing for less money.....Thanks Nick

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    Chris , most definitely we appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you with any and all medical supply needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me I will work hard to assure you the best pricing and timely delivery. Nick

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