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Thread: Winter is coming in IL, WI, MN, MI, IN

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    Winter is coming in IL, WI, MN, MI, IN

    I want to go monoskiing. If the chicks that I despise watching on Sundance channel can do it I want to do it. I don't want to buy one I just want to go do something rather then sit in my house waiting for summer again. I am looking for some place in the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, or Michigan area. I just want to do it. My brother and I always went snow boarding haven't done it in a while. thanks

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    Go checkout, they are in Northern Illinois and do snow skiing, have programs.

    I go skiing, actually have 2 adult bi-ski's. I sit on the Board of Directors with Dreams For Kids (a non-profit in Chicago) and we go skiing in the Winter with kids. I also know a guy who lives in Milwaukee who specializes with adapted skiing. He is awesome, we usually hit Alpine Valley in Wi, when they have the snow.

    What is your injury level? I am T-10 Complete for almost a decade now.

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    That show made me want to try skiing too. It's funny because I've always been afraid of skiing. Even before my friend and roommate died in a skiing accident. (freak thing, working at a ski park and went skiing alone on her break. Lost a ski and ran into a tree)

    Less far to fall when sit skiing? Lol
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    Adaptive adventures does a great job. I have been skiing with them.
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    Skiing is awesome.
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    I was an avid skier and snowboarder before my SCI, but I think I would be afraid of doing it on a sit ski because you lack the control that a normal skier has for quickly changing direction or to really dig in your edges to stop. I guess on bunny slopes it would be ok, but definitely not on un groomed trails and any real expert terrain involving nearly vertical faces etc.

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    There are not that many people who do ungroomed stuff on a sitski, but they are out there.

    Certainly a lot of people doing advanced/expert runs on groomed terrain.

    You can change direct quickly, do hockey stops, carve hard enough to dig trenches etc. You can have complete control. I ski independently. This may not come easily but it is very doable.

    I find that skiing is one of the most inclusive adaptive sports out there the one that can make the feeling of disability pretty much dissapear.

    Granted, I did not ski before my disability, so it is all good to me.

    Anyone that wants to learn to ski and come to California, there is a great adaptive program near me. Nautical, there is a good program in Alpine Meadows as well. You should hit the slopes this Winter.

    This is me at a mono ski camp last Winter on a practice course.

    This is me following a couple of instructors and another skier, who is an incomplete quad.

    Now for some guys who really know how to ski...

    Jeremy McGee, who is a great skier and has switched from park stuff to off piste.

    Andy Cambell

    Josh Dueck
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    Lots of good help and ski stoke here...
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    Sorry, one more skiing vid. Summer is going to be over soon and need to get the ski stoke out there

    This guy works as a dispatcher for Crested Butte Ski Patrol.
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    There is a place in Iron Mountain, Michigan that just started a new program. I used to ski there in high school, it is smaller but really nice. They have all the different terrains of a large ski hill. It's called Pine Mountain, I'm pretty sure they have a website!

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