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Thread: Occasional discharge

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    Occasional discharge

    SCI-Nurse: I occasionally get a small amount of opaque/white-ish discharge at the tip of my urethra/meatus. I notice it before I cath. A similar discharge can also occur while I am digitally stimulating for defecation; dig stim can trigger a release of it, for lack of a better term. When that happens, there is a more volume and I notice it is a little sticky. I've taken to just leaving my cath in while doing sig stim to avoid getting it on my hand, should it occur.

    I haven't mentioned this to my SCI doctor yet and have not been to a urologist. I have assumed it was just occasional sediment making its way out, but can't explain why dig stim triggers an actual release of it. Your thoughts?

    Further: T5 complete for 12 years, I self-cath about a half dozen times a day, rarely get UTIs (and the discharge isn't related to UTIs), and the only meds I'm on are baclofen and diazepam.
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    Two possibilities I can think of.

    First, urethritis caused by an infection, yeast, or parasite. See you urologist or family physician to get the discharge cultured and examined under a microscope. Antibiotics or other medications would be indicated if bacteria etc. are present.

    Second, lack of ejaculation can cause fluid to accumulate in the prostate gland. A bowel full of stool or digital stimulation could press on the prostate resulting in the release of fluid and I suppose a catheter passing through the prostatic urethra could cause enough pressure to release fluid as well. Your urologists may have some suggestions. Sometimes prostate massage is used to de-congest the prostate.

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    Since you don't have any other symptoms of urerethritis, I am willing to bet on the second suggestion made above. It is not uncommon and the nrrves that you are stimulating with yourdig stim, etc will cause that.

    I would still recommend that you get it checked out just to be safe.


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    It's probably just dead white blood cells, i.e. pus, that occurs with colonization. The colonized bladder is in a state of low-level inflammation as a result of bacteria being present that shouldn't be. While you may not be symptomatic with a UTI, this white discharge could just be mild inflammatory debris. I myself have it. If you ever get a foley you have a lot more of it.

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    I've experienced the same thing many times except for I don't do dig stim so I can't attest to that part.

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    I also frequently have same symptom. I hope its not serious because I've never done anything about it

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    If nothing has progressed, you are probably not experiencing anything serious.

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    Thanks, gjnl and SCI-Nurse. I have my annual visit with my SCI doc soon and will mention it to him. Honestly, this has been going on for a few years now but I haven't given it much thought because it didn't seem to be harmful and never progressed. I attributed the occasional bit of puss (for lack of a better term) to be related to years of having a neurogenic bladder and cathing. That and the puss is not there EVERY time I go to cath, so I wasn't worried it was an infection.

    As for the dig stim "discharge," (which is totally different than the occasional stuff I otherwise get), I kind of thought it may be some sort of seminal fluid. Weird!
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    Let us know how it turns out.

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