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Thread: Numbness in wrist/fingers after driving too long

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    Numbness in wrist/fingers after driving too long

    Hey guys -

    Even typing this hurts. I drove 4 hrs 1 1/2 days ago and both my wrists and hands were numb from using the hand controls (I'm a C6 quad) after I got home. Since then, a lot of sensation has come back but there is still a lot of numbness in my fingers. I usually can feel like half my hand (thumb, first finger, half of middle finger), now everything feels not as sensitive by more than 50%. What the hell happened? Did I pinch a nerve? Do I need to see a dr? I use my poor wrist for everything. I knew this would eventualy happen
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    In an AB I would say sounds like carpal tunnel. So sounds like carpal tunnel, but I don't know about any quad specific issues it might be.
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    Sounds like it's just locked up a bit. perhaps you could get someone to kind of manipulate the writs between their hands like milking a cow; umm not that you're one lol. Or, it's in the shoulder, again have someone manipulate and massage the shoulders abit. If ya need to; could also take a muscle relaxer not a pain pill.

    Wish I was there T. I could work that suckker out in no time. I work on my massuese re her wrists etc. Also do a bit of healing work with the stones to relax her.... If push comes to shove, a good massage or even a chiropractor.

    I try to pull my wrists a bit when they get that way. Since it may be hard for you to grab, put it under your armpit and pull a bit.

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    It does sound like some form of peripheral nerve compression. Do you rest your elbows on something while driving? this can cause ulnar or radial nerve compression and numbness in either the baby and ring finger (ulnar) or middle, index fingers and thumb (radial). Carpal tunnel syndome is primarily due to repeated pressure on the palm of the hand or doing activities with a lot of wrist extension (wrist bent back). What position is your wrist in when driving?

    Try some ice and take an NSAID right now. This may help to reduct inflammation and swelling that is making this worse.

    Suggest you get an evaluation from a good hand therapist (PT or OT) and have them evaluate how you are positioning and using your elbows and wrists when driving.


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    The SCI Nurse. Always appreciate your feedback. Yeah, my wrists are extended back on the tri-pin while I drive AND i rest my elbows on my armrests when I drive too. And yeah, my fingers are still tingly, even still AND my wrist is very weak now too. Its so weird....never ever had it this tuckered.

    I'll see what my doc says.
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    get myofacial release done at PT, it will release tension on muscles to relieve pain. it could be stemming from your shoulder due to repetative use and poor posture,

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    I would suggest that you see either your PCP or SCI doc. They will be better able to diagnose your problem. It might be helpful to actually see your presentation of symptoms. They will be able to see what is going on and then help to correct it and possibly have ways of preventing it in the future.

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