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I remember seeing one of the first ridgid Quickies that Randy Snow was using in a Hawaiian tennis tournament (1981). I had one of the first Quadras so was an interesting comparrison. The early Quickies were so well made that I know a guy who still uses one he bought back in '82 I think it was. The customer service was above reproach, now it's one of the worst companies to deal with. The Company went downhill once she got bought out, same with Top End and a few others.

She is one classy lady for sure Theo; much like you.

I'm sure she has her choice of suitors. Sounds like a double standard doesn't it? If it were a guy we'd say, good for you for playing the field and being so independent; with a lady we say the opposite.

Godbless Marilyn, she is defintly one who revolutionized the wheelchair industry. Thanks for the article Theo, right on!
I agree 100%. Marilyn is the one who made wheelchairs classy and not something you'd see in an institution or hospital. I have only used two brands of wheelchairs: Everest & Jennings and Quickie, and love my Quickie chair! I have had my Quickie Revolution wheelchair for almost 6 years and its so strong and sturdy that I will probably have it for another 6 years.

I also noticed that Sunrise Medical has bad customer service recently. Its like they could care less about helping with getting wheelchair parts. Its like Top End and Everest & Jennings: once someone else bought out the companies, their customer service went downhill.