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Thread: What is this wheelchair? Quickie what?

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    What is this wheelchair? Quickie what?

    Worth $25? Donnie

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    It looks like a quickie revolution, they aren't a bad chair, they fold flat.
    25$ is a steal.

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    I second on the Revolution ... demo'd one once and loved it.
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    It is about 75 miles from my house. But my brother goes that way to see his girlfriend on the weekend. Think he is up there now. Trying to get in touch with him before the guy sells. He is only asking $25. Thing looks beat up but all I won't is an exercise chair. It's 17 inch wide and I need 16 but at $25. I think I can live with. Also has a quickie 2 at $25. We'll probably pick up both. Donnie

    Another guy as a quickie GP. 15 inches wide that I could probably fit in and I could pick it up for about $100. Decisions, decisions, decisions you're killing me
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    Definitely worth $25 for that revolution, hands down. It's worth it for the Quickie 2 as well.

    I sold a Revolution on eBay a few months ago for $500. If you don't like it, eBay it.

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    Ontario, Canada ...sometimes North Carolina too!

    I have a very lightly used one posted and I'm looking for 300$ so 25$ is a great price

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    oh man, all those are deals! You are so lucky. I wish I had money, since you're debating on the 15" and that's what I need I would be seeing about having you buy it to sell to me!
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    IMOP More likely It's a quickie and get it for $25 that's a super deal jump on it !!!!
    Great chair for flight''s and travelling

    Go for it
    Good Luck
    Have a good weekend
    Sincerely ;

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    Hi Bluefairy
    Please post pics of the one you are selling / someone here probably is looking for a chair
    For $300 do you include shipping ?

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    I am so mad I had to turn off computer. Asked the guy if he had a PayPal account, which he did ask him if I could pay and then have someone pick them up. He said not to worry about he would hold. E-mailed me back that he sold both. I was discussed, still am. Hell, I'll get over it.. Not the first time I've been screwed without a Kiss! Right Lin. We have both been there. Pissed off Donnie

    Tried to insert photos but to dumb. We'll figure it out. Even getting mad at Dragon naturally speaking I'm using. It's not wanting to treat the right. Bad day in paradise! Too bad I don't drink.

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