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Thread: Trus-T-Lift free to someone in need!

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    Trus-T-Lift free to someone in need!

    My quadraplegic husband passed away last week. We have a Trus-T-Lift in our garage that we had installed to provide access to a small deck (3 steps up) into our back door. He used this for 4 years. I no longer have need of this lift. If there is someone that needs something like this, I would be happy to donate it. I would have to have you come pick it up as I have no means to deliver it. My son-in-law went to New Jersey to pick it up for me in a pick-up in 2008. If you are interested, the best way to contact me is through email I live in Medina, Ohio. The lift is in very good shape and works perfectly.
    Brenda Barge

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    Dear Brenda -- I am so sorry; my heart goes out to you. Thoughts and prayers for you in the midst of your grief with your husband’s recent death. I trust you can sense God’s peace in the days ahead. I can relate so much to your current circumstances -- my mother in-law was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig and I took care of her for six years. She suffered greatly until her death a few years ago. A group I am with, Focus on the Family, offers free counseling over the phone. They also have chaplains that are very caring and helpful. If you'd like to talk to one of them and get some encouragement, just call 1-855-711-4357 (MT). There is no cost to you. I hope this article here (Coping with Death and Grief) could be helpful to you. Best to you!

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