I turned down the power chair that was approved to me by my insurance company Humana. The doctor that prescribed it knows nothing at all about quadriplegia. Even though my last two chairs had been purchased by this insurance company. I figured since the new Medicare rules have been implied. I would get a run for my money this time. It took four years to get my first BounderPlus. It only took about four months to get number two. I called Humana main office and asked for an advocate to help me. Imagine asking the devil for a flavor. It did get the wheels rolling my doctor's office called today and said the first step to getting a new chair is a face-to-face meeting with my primary care doctor, which will be on the 22nd. Funny, I did not need a face-to-face in order to get the cheat will chair. I just have to get a face-to-face because I turned it down. It's a game you just have to play it.

If any of you people knowwhat I should ask him or probably NOT ask or volunteer, please help. Any experience that you had during your struggles to get a chair. I'd like to hear them. Never can be too prepared. All views welcome. Donnie

Any errors on this document or because of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Think this is my second or third try at it. Really not too bad but I am too lazy to proofread.