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Thread: Incomp. workout-how often etc.

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    Incomp. workout-how often etc.

    It is crazy to be asking these questions this late...Backstory: C5-6 inc, 12 yrs ago. At my best I could wak 1/4 mile. Developed stress-related autoimmune hyperthyroid (Graves disease) 8 yrs ago. It ate all my muscle, all my fat.
    All my family died. Suddenly I'm stress-free...and don't know how to act.

    I gained some weight. Arms look like Madonna. (Stringy, veiny and muscular. So yuck but strong = good.)

    Have been donning wannabe ipod, standing behind w/chair and dancing. Am up to 5 songs lol. I learned to bellydance as a kid so it's great for balance and core.

    But I get so sore! My hips just kill me, and spasms the next day are terrible. On no pain meds, just on a thyroid blocker and antidepressant.

    Do seated yoga stretches too.

    Opinions on how often I should work out, what I should add, any advice appreciated. Thanks Yall.

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    I was working out three hours every day in the rehab in the winter, four weeks. One hour work out and one hour rest. It was too much...

    But take care, do what you think is fun and the PT I go to now says it is ok to be sore the next day, but not the day after, then you are doing too much. You know I am not the exercise guru
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    I would suggest that you not do serious training anymore than 4 days a week. Try to work a less strenuous activity into your off days and try to stretch everyday.

    Dancing is great exercise. I would use that as your off day routine and try to work in some resistance stuff 2 or 3 days week. My legs are super weak so I only use very light weights but can manage leg presses, leg curls, and some abductor exercises.

    Your body will tell you how much it can take. Basically if it hurts and causes more than minor muscle soreness, you probably should stop. Good luck!

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    I agree with MFlounlacker that you need rest as much as you do workouts. On your rest days, there's nothing wrong with focusing on stretching, isometrics, balancing, something to engage your body but not overly taxing. I find it hard to take time off, so if I feel like moving everyday, I make sure there's variety and that some days are gentler workouts.

    Dancing is is yoga. If you can get on a treadmill or stationary bike, maybe that's also an option for cardio. Using weights is helpful, too, switching off with arms one day, legs another...always giving your body a chance to heal. I'm also a fan of Leslie Sansome walking videos. I can't walk completely free, but I can do the moves with one hand on the banister or on the back of a sturdy chair.

    Start small at first and work up to more challenging workouts. I wish you the best!

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    If you can, swimming three days a week and stretching everyday works about as good as anything. Maybe there is a Y around with an indoor pool or a LA Fitness. Pretty cheap too if there is a pool around.
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