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Thread: things you never.....

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    Thumbs up things you never.....

    tasks and accomplishments you were told or believed you would never do.

    Looking to start a feel-good thread for all us SCIs on overcoming other peoples and our own ill-conceived ideas on what we thought was impossible. Not meant to be a competition, just a friendly "hey, we ain't dead" thread.

    Top 2 for me currently.

    1) do bowel on a regular toilet, any old place at any old time. ie- inaccessible hotel, airport bathrooms waiting on a delayed flight. Still haven't had to in a Starbucks cup yet.

    2) get into and out of the bathtub independently. Since moving I had new facilities to deal with and just kinda threw myself in the tub without knowing how I'd get out. Nothing like a nice hot bath, the second time is even better knowing that you can get out and back in your chair. Even bought myself a rubber duckie.

    These 2 let me travel light and feel a lot less disabled since I learned I could.

    Hoping to keep this on a positive note people, I feel it's helpful for us newer injuries. If you need to gripe, there's another thread for that.

    Let's here em!

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    I never learned to swim before SCI. 11 lessons in and I can swim independently, roll from front to back and back to front and tread water for almost 5 minutes.
    not really an accomplishment but was funny-I learned this summer I can straddle a urinal and cath, the best part was the idiot using the non-accessible, "accessible" stall was blocked in and had to wait for me to get done and I was laughing the whole time he was complaining about it.
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    Do you mean what you were told in trauma or in rehab?

    In trauma, we were told that Ryan would never: have any voluntary movement, come off a vent, eat, communicate, or have ANY quality of life.

    In rehab we were told that he would not have control of his bladder or bowels.

    He has no open airway - trac removed in rehab. He eats, drinks, speaks, uses a phone, computer, urinal (total bladder control), BP is a bullet only if he does not initiate a movement in 48 hours. He is able to walk in a pool and is working on overground with an adapted walker (TBI inhibits balance and coordination so it is a process).

    Bottom line is that sometimes you are told thing because of a lack of knowledge and sometimes, SCI rears its ugly head. Incomplete injuries are more prone to this than complete injuries. Incomplete injuries are a crap shoot. Everyone is different and only time will tell the whole story. The only downfall to doing everything you can to get more back is that you will be disappointed. You want it all and will not get it. You will get more that the person who did not try.--eak
    Elizabeth A. Kephart, PHR
    mom/caregiver to Ryan-age 21
    Incomplete C-2 with TBI since 3/09

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    - Pumping my own gas (kind of wished I lived in NJ or MA at times though)
    - Being able to fly anywhere and rent a car for a two-nighter with only carry-ons
    - Getting over the fear of trying new things and reasonably being able to work through the setbacks that inevitably occur when doing so
    - Not giving up no matter how tough it gets (occasionally I question this mindset)

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    Never thought I'd sing on stage again, but I have. Twice.
    Can independently cook meals for my family.
    Empty my cath bag at work in a restroom stall.
    I'm amazed at how I'm still learning how to adapt to using quad hands, and doing little things like using the debit card thingie at check-outs, writing and drawing (I need to own stock in the Sharpie Co!), holding bottles/cans/cups
    Finding peace in who I am, despite what my body has become...not always, but enough to make life worth it.

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    Being able to do manage bowel and bladder are tops for me. The first time I drove by myself and broke down my chair was pretty awesome too.

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    I liked the simplicity of closing up my house and locking up after people left for the first time by myself. Just the little things like gathering up wine glasses, turning off the stereo, being by yourself after company leaves before you hop in bed exhausted to pass out... the fun of entertaining and then the happy exhaustion you feel when you're independently handling business just like before.

    I still like it, I try to get off my computer/phone/devices early enough at night and enjoy some peace and quiet...

    physically I was proud of myself when I started making things with my hands again. I found this injury to be the hardest in the beginning on my creativity. Even when my hands weren't good, I was just patient. I set pretty high standards for myself and didn't let anything slide and it makes the acccomplishments sweeter.
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    "Tooley," what a great thread. Looking forward to reading about many more accomplishments. All of us should be very proud of what you have achieved.

    All the best,

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    i didn't think I could play the drumset again... now I have a trigger switch I tape to the bottom of my shoe that plugs into a drum machine and I can lift my hip flexor enough to play the bass drum sound while I play the rest of the real drumset for the band at our church. We also went back to the Hawaiian island where the car crash that injured me happened and figured out snorkeling again.

    I was told that my injury was complete, but I have regained some movement and sensation below my injury. Now I'm starting to think about what I wasn't expected to do... I may add to this tomorrow... Great question!

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    Not sure if I should jump in here or not since I have a bunch of issues beyond the para part, but was never supposed to be able to read well, live independently, drive etc.

    I seem to remember my mom asking the doctors at the Spina Bifida clinic in Vancouver to send my doctors in Winnipeg a "progress note" when I aged out of the Spina Bifida clinic BC Childrens. Given the technology and medical advances of the early 70's I'm very fortunate to be as functional as I am.

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