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Thread: Transfer Board Suggestions

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    Originally posted by fuentejps:

    are they really that much easier to use?
    They have some kind of coating or composite that makes it a bit slicker than normal wood. It's no "wow that's amazing" difference or anything. You just slide easier.


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    How well do they work on a wet naked bottom?

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    i use the ultraslick transfer is excellent. dont be fooled, it is made from wood. i suggest the short one, but the long one is good for car transfers. the wood has actually started chipping on mine so im worried that it might catch on my skin during shower transfers. i need to get a new one.

    i think beasy boards are for either people who are overwieght or too lazy to slide their butt over.

    if you put something like a pillow case or chuck under your naked butt before you transfer, you should have no prob. dont do it bare butt, lol

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    i just ordered one from duane, nice guy. i bought the 30 in, my old one is 29in. i only use it for car. my other one is 5 years old. not much slide, lol, it pulls my pance off

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    These boards look interesting

    I tried to get my insurance to buy one but they said that I need to buy from a DME in order for it to be covered. This site is the manufacturer. I called some DME's in my area but they dont want to be bothered. That sucks.

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