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Thread: Curiosity is at Mars and we are still sitting in our chairs

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    I thought we got titanium chairs because of NASA?
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    I heard a factoid the other day, don't know if it's true or not... that on one year's defense budget 25,000,000 kids could be sent to college.

    Our country used to be #1 due to its advancements in science and technology, and while I'd give almost anything to go dancing this weekend, I'd also rather not pull funds from science to pay for science. Why not pull from the war to insure our future advancements?
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    right on

    Better to have rational educated persons doing great things than a bunch of usless story tellers (sucking money the economy), with their make belive stories and fairy tales, stating bull shit.

    The more GDP spent on the development of technology and science as well as education the better for all in the long run. but i want NOW.

    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    Look at it this way. The money spent on the mars mission is 1/10th of 1% of our countries education budget. If the children who watch the mars mission, learn to love science then are motivated to become engineers, doctors, researchers who one day end up making our lives better it is money well spent. We constantly bemoan the state of our education system, our shortage of engineers and scientists, this kind of mission can help ameliorate that problem.

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    its just a fact of life. people go for what interests them, and what is of interest is not always right. I know many people who fork out their earning in beauty shops but would not see a doctor when illness is suspected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swh2007 View Post
    There are millions of people with dozens or maybe hundreds of different terrible diseases in the same boat. The people of the US cannot agree on any one or three diseases to cure next year, but a majority want a space program. Life in a democracy.
    I know, this how it goes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    Whatever, I worked at NASA for 8 years and there are always people that argue against basic research for things like welfare, SCI research, and a variety of other "better" uses for the paltry budget NASA has. A society that doesn't do basic research and strive to move our achievements as a society better is robbing future generations.
    I think that if we find a cure for SCI it would be a nice achievement also for future generations... or not?

    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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    A rat done bit through my leg bag (and whitey's on the moon)
    With my e.d. I'm goin' stag ( with whitey on the moon)
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    Today I shat in my sweatpants (cause whitey's on the moon)
    Turned those sweatpants into shants ( while whitey's on the moon)

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    I think Paolo's point is that good science is not the only thing involved. Commitment and motivation are needed. Basic research is a natural part of human nature, but results bettering the human condition are still spin off. Getting noticed, quick bang for the bucks and so on are the motivators.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paolocipolla View Post
    I think that if we find a cure for SCI it would be a nice achievement also for future generations... or not?

    Sure man, you win. If we hadn't spent the 2B on the mars mission we would all be walking.

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