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Thread: Top End Force R Handcycle Cushion

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    Top End Force R Handcycle Cushion

    Hello, I just picked up a Force R handcycle and i'm wondering if the cushion and backrest that came stock are sufficient or should I be using a gel pad or roho to prevent any pressure sores?

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    Gels are heavy and a roho doesn't give me a firm base. If you aren't having skin problems, either keep the standard foam or better yet, use memory foam. Congrats on the handcycle; it'll help maximize your potential bigtime.

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    Some people have no problems, others do. I'm one that does and my solution was a one inch supracor cushion which I shaped to offload my tailbone which had developed sores. Others have gotten by without the shaping. I agree with Patrick having tried a low profile Roho, but it did prevent sores.

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