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Thread: Forearm crutch question

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    I have millennial crutches and really like them. I also changed the tips out for the Fetterman "Tornadoes"

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    Quote Originally Posted by loreo View Post
    I think I'll end up with Fettermans or Sidesticks.
    You couldn't go wrong with either of them, from everything I've heard! I'm saving my pennies for a pair of SideStix.

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    They even go underwater with me when I beach dive...great shark "billies"!

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    Over 37 years, I tried many, many different brands and types crutches. I used two gaits when I was walking. The 4 point which I used in small tight areas and I would swing through when I had more of a distance to travel. 4 pointing, the crutches did not make much difference. Swinging through put a lot of pressure on the hands, wrists and shoulders. Walk-Easy were very light but at 220 lbs., I had one to bend and made my fall. (The company would not warranty the 3 month old crutch.) I tried the type with the "shock-absorber" but when I went to swing through, they would decompressed too much and my feet would drag, which is a no-no. I finally got a pair of Fetterman crutches and that was what I had been looking for. (They are so light they will float!) They are made with aviation grade aluminum and are very durable. They have different gel-grips which do not cause any pain to the palms and actually got rid of the callus'. I no longer use crutches as I use a power chair full time but I can certainly recommend them to anyone.

    Good luck.
    ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne

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    After reading this thread I decided to retire my WalkEasy crutches. They're starting to wear and those plastic handles scare me a little. Has anyone used or are using Superlite crutches? Either aluminum or titanium? Their prices are a little easier on the wallet.


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