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Thread: Today is "Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion Event" accross Canada

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    Today is "Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion Event" accross Canada

    Show your enthusiastic support and help to create a brighter future for people with spinal cord injury. Just a couple of hours on Sunday, June 13 can make such a difference. Locate an event close to you and join thousands of Canadians who share Rick's dream.

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    Congratulations to Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion Day. Wise.

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    If you want to know more about Rick Hansen this website has his story

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    BTW it's nice to see a wheelchair athlete get some acknowledgement on this website. Wheelchair sports should not be seen as a deterrant to the cure but a way of expanding public awareness and also raising cure funds!
    Just think if Rutgers had wheelchair sports and one of the wheelchair athletes worked with Wise on raising awareness like Rick Hansen does. Could be a win, win situation.

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    Props to Kiran (globechaser) as well. She's participating in one of the races today.

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