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Thread: work of homecare aides

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    Question work of homecare aides

    My son was left quadriplegic and vent dependent from a car accident in 2003. After 9 years in a nursing home, he is finally able to return to community living, with me as his primary caregiver. We were told his homecare aide cannot be allowed to transfer him (chair to bed/bed to chair) unless he is first disconnected from the ventilator for the process. Is this fact? Do you know of any regulations or laws to support this position? Are there not home care aides who do, in fact, transfer patients while on a ventilator?

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    We do it either way, depending on the person. Some cannot tolerate being disconnected from the ventilator for even a few seconds, while for others, we set them up in the lift sling, say "hold your breath!!", quickly disconnect, transfer, and then reconnect in the chair. It is hard to do by yourself either way, as you really don't want them disconnected more than 30 seconds. Do you help with the transfer? If we have two people available, one bags the person with an ambu during the transfer if that makes the person more comfortable.


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    I'm routinely disconnected from the ventilator for transfers, as I wouldn't want the circuit pulling on the trach. Your body generally has enough oxygen reserve to handle this, unless there's some disease/severe congestion/low saturation going on. And some people just get very anxious when disconnected, especially if they don't feel they can trust someone to get them reconnected in a timely fashion.

    If there's a reason he can't handle being disconnected long enough for a transfer, start asking questions about the regulation. Ask to see a printed copy of the regulation, with the date it was put into effect. If they can't produce it, ask where and why the regulation originated. If they say anything about it being an unwritten regulation, well, then it isn't really a regulation.

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