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Thread: The foam store!!!!

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    The foam store!!!!

    The impetus for this re-upholstering was that my very old Freedom Ryder seat was in desperate need of an upgrade. The only factory option was to buy a new seat and have someone fabricate a new bracket together because the new seat would not fit the old frame.

    Not wanting to spend that much money I needed to find another option. I tried different types of packing materials, towels, and I even bought some craft foam from JoAnne Fabrics. But none of that worked.

    But then I found a foam store.

    Their main business is reupholstering furniture - from living rooms to boats and RVs. But they also sell raw foam in all sorts of materials, densities, and thicknesses. I was like a kid in a foamy candy store.

    So this is what I did:


    This is 1/2" of high-density neoprene foam underneath 1" of extra-firm standard foam on the seat and 3/4" of neoprene on the back. (there's cover that goes on it)

    JAY 2 BACK:

    I wanted two options here as I sometimes use this as a temporary cushion when I'm out and about. On the right is 1.5" of extra-firm standard foam for normal use and on the left is 1" high-density neoprene for temporary sitting-on.
    This way, if I know I'm going kayaking or whatever I can just swap the backs. (the standard foam goes inside a cover but the neoprene attaches by itself)


    This is an extra cushion I had laying around. I use it in the car on long road trips and when I go swimming because I wrap the foam in a plastic bag to keep it waterproof. Anyway, I upgraded that as well with a combination of extra-firm standard and neoprene on the bottom.

    Instead of buying new parts from Jay or Freedom Ryder or wherever, I spent $45 and solved the problem myself. So if you need a cushion for infrequent and temporary use, you don't have to buy a Roho or a Jay for $400. You can go to a foam store and spend $50 and get something that will be just fine.

    They have many other types of foam, too; memory foam included. They carried all types in thicknesses of up to 5".

    If you're in the Twin Cities, this is where I went:


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    This is sweet! Can't wait to go to the Foam Store to beef up my daughter's shower chair cushion. I think it will be a little like going to Ax-Man Surplus for the first time!
    Thanks for the info-

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    I love Ax-Man.

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