We are Beyond The Chair, a Neuro Recovery Gym for individuals with spinal cord injuries or other neuro/physical disabilities.

Beyond The Chair offers a specialized exercise program for those living with spinal cord injuries and other neurological/physical disabilities. Our Certified Neuro-Fitness Specialists utilize exercise techniques and modalities to train the body in functional movement patterns. BTC believes this approach delivers the proper stimulation to nerves, muscles, bones and joints to achieve the highest functional outcome and recovery possible.
Ultimately our focus is geared towards meeting the needs and goals of our clients in an environment filled with inspiration, hope and determination with a supporting cast of friends, family and community all working together towards our mission!

Our Mission
Beyond The Chair exists to provide an improved quality of life for individuals with spinal cord injuries and other neurological/physical disabilities through intensive exercise programs to enhance overall functional capacity.

We provide In-House Training, Travel Training, and Group Exercise programs that are tailored to the individuals specific needs!!

Please feel free to call or email for any additional information on our available programs!!
Phone: 210.256.0700
Email: nitob@beyondthechair.org