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Thread: Of Stem Cells and Fairy Tales

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    Of Stem Cells and Fairy Tales

    This article touches on the politicization of science, but it also separates Alzheimer's from other conditions that might benefit from stem-cell research. I'm hoping Dr. Young will comment on this.

    Of Stem Cells and Fairy Tales
    Scientists who have been telling Nancy Reagan that embryonic stem cell research could cure Alzheimer's now admit that it isn't true. -- by Wesley J. Smith (Smith is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and a special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture. His next book, Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World will be published in the fall.)

    Here's the story: Researchers have apparently known for some time that embryonic stem cells will not be an effective treatment for Alzheimer's, because as two researchers told a Senate subcommittee in May, it is a "whole brain disease," rather than a cellular disorder (such as Parkinson's). This has generally been kept out of the news. But now, Washington Post correspondent Rick Weiss, has blown the lid off of the scam, reporting that while useful abstract information might be gleaned about Alzheimer's through embryonic stem cell research, "stem cell experts confess . . . that of all the diseases that may be someday cured by embryonic stem cell treatments, Alzheimer's is among the least likely to benefit."


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    Either way you look at this it sucks. If the reports are true I hope one bad apple don't spoil it for the rest of the research community. If this is just a political attempt to put a stop to stem cell research that wouldn't be nice either. This story was started earlier here

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    That article comes from pundents who are generally right wing and technophobic!

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    Old adage..believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

    The scientists may have a valid point to an extent. But Alzheimers too has an acute stage..we won't know what the ESC can accomplish until they are tried.

    And a better treatment/preventative may be needed in this disorder.

    BUT..Mrs. Reagan is a smart, stong lady.
    She isn't advocating for ESC only in the hopes of curing Alzheimers. She has more empathy I feel. So a few naysayers won't deter her convictions hopefully.

    Remember she was recently at a Junvenile
    Diabetis Foundation fundraiser in Bev Hills.

    And fairytales can come true if your young at heart.

    Inside of every older person,
    is a young person saying, "What the hell happened?"

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    This is the ultimate Catch-22. The anti-ESC groups have slowed down embryonic stem cell research, prevented any application of it to humans, restricted federal funding of such research, and then turned around to say that it doesn't work. Wesley J. Smith has been writing biased articles against embryonic stem cell research. I wrote a rebuttal of some of his claims in another article earlier in another topic. He twists the words of scientists and others to push his own anti-stem cell views. His technique is to set up a straw target and pummel it while ignoring other arguments for doing embryonic stem cell work. If you ask people like Ron McKay, Michael Shelanski, and others that Wesley Smith cites, you will find that they are strong supporters of embryonic stem cell research. If Smith is interested in writing a balanced article, he should ask them why they support embryonic stem cell research.

    Wesley Smith cites Roger Pielke, implying that scientists are engaging in tactics of demagoguery and character assassination:
    Some scientists have become alarmed by how politicized science has become. As Roger Pielke, Jr., Director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado warned two years ago in the prestigious science journal Nature, "Many scientists [now] willingly adopt tactics of demagoguery and character assassination as well as, or even instead of, reasoned argument," in promoting their views. This politicization of science, he worried, has led some scientists, "not to mention lawyers and those with commercial interests," to "manipulate 'facts' to support" their advocacy, "undermining the scientific community's ability to advise policy makers." Consequently, he warned, science "is becoming yet another playing field for power politics, complete with the trappings of political spin and a win-at-all-costs attitude."
    This is another example of Welsey Smith twisting the words of scientists, including the unwarranted insertion of the word [now]. Perhaps I should let people judge for themselves what Roger Pielke said. You can see a copy of the article that Pielke wrote Most of Pielke criticism has been directed at the politicization of science by politicians and advocacy groups, as well as lawyers and some scientists who have been engaging in character assassination and demagoguery to restrict embryonic stem cell research.


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    The anti-ESC groups do it best.

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