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Thread: Oscar Pistorius

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    Oscar Pistorius appeared in court this morning in South Africa to hear the reading of the formal charges against him. Early on Valentine’s Day, police came to Oscar’s home in gated community of Pretoria, South Africa after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. They found Oscar’s girlfriend of a few months, Reeve Steenkamp, bleeding from four gunshot wounds to head and body. She was declared dead soon after. Oscar was immediately taken into custody and arrested for murder, and he stayed the night in a jail cell at the police station, awaiting today’s hearing.

    In court, the prosecutors (sidenote: I apologize for using such American terminology, it’s just how I think and write) told the judge that they were pursuing a charge of premeditated murder against Pistorius. When he heard the charge, Pistorius reportedly broke down in tears and the judge told him he could sit down, which he did. The judge also put off a bail hearing until next week, when the lawyers could be more prepared. Until then, the judge agreed that Oscar wouldn’t be put in general population of a jail and that he could stay in a jail cell at the police station. The bail hearing is set for Tuesday.

    Oscar’s family, management and lawyer issued a statement: “The alleged murder is disputed in the strongest terms.” It also said that Pistorius “would like to send his deepest sympathies to the family of Reeva.”

    As for all of the other stuff… I’m actually glad that the South African police and the prosecutors are coming out of the gate with such a strong pushback against the story that this was some kind of “accidental” shooting. But Sports Illustrated has an extensive piece on how Oscar is a major celebrity in South Africa and many already believe that this might have been an accident, and that many are sympathizing with him...
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    Time will tell if it was an accident or strait out murder. Crappy deal ether way.
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    it's a shitty thing. it's plausible. my friends have told me violence has increased in south africa and many do carry guns but man... shitty.
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    Pistorius was known to have a temper. There is a lot of crime in South Africa, but this is the downside of having a gun handy. This may end up being an "O.J." scenario
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    something doesn't sound right. u don't usually shoot somebody multiple times without warning for no reason, especially a tall blonde. i want to hear more facts, and what were the other "domestic incidents" happened prior to the shooting.

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    Makes me wonder if he was on some heavy pain meds due to him *most likely* having severe nerve pain problems. I am a single leg above knee amputee and have dealt with pain for the last 46 yrs. There have been many times when my pain was so horrific that I literally could not think straight.
    I am presently on a good regime of pain meds plus a SCS (spinal cord stimulator) so I am comfortably under control.
    But the thought crossed my mind the minute I heard this story.

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    It is a pretty sad situation. I am surprised to read "pursuing a charge of premeditated murder". It seems awfully quick to come to that conclusion, but I guess they are trying to say he planned in advance to say she was a burglar.
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    Thanks for nothing Oscar.

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    Disgraced Paralympian Oscar Pistorius sobbed in court today as prosecutors charged him with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

    Prosecutor Gerrie Nel told a packed courtroom in South Africa's capital Pretoria that he was pushing for the stronger charge upgraded from murder.

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