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    Any concern with putting the laminectomy bone back after the surgery? I understand that there would be no instability. However, I have had my laminectomy bone for 35 years and I am rather attached to it. Let me know if you see risks associated with either. Does it slow/speed recovery time? Thoughts?

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    i wish they would have given mine to me , i could have carved a piece of jewelry out if it

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    bwolf, with the keyhole laminectomy approach, where a much smaller opening is made, I don't think that Dr. Huang is replacing the bone. Wise.

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    Dr. Young,

    Would replacing the bone cuase any problems/delays with recovery? Any benefits to replacing the bone? I am scheduled to have the procedure in January and want to be prepared for the best results. Thanks.


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    bwolf, as I said, the keyhole laminectomies may be too small for there to be any need to replace the bone. It will just fill in. As far as I know, Dr. Huang is planning to do the small laminectomies above and below the injury site for the coming months. Are you asking because he is planning to do a wide laminectomy? Wise.

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