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Thread: Hey, Anban

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    What do I do being I am always in a wheelchair ????
    Should I trip over in it and hide under Tables or drag my carcass under a bed ?

    What about the wheelchair ? They cost a small fortune

    I cant lye on the ground in a fetal position ? like that dude in the picture !!!
    Kinda scary

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    Not a lot of help, but here is advice from the CDC:

    And from the ODPEM (Jamaica):

    This is an interesting study:

    Here is some good information from CA:

    One reason to NOT get into a doorway is that in a moderate earthquake, the door may slam shut on you, which can also cause serious injury, esp. if you try to brace yourself by holding onto the door jam. AB people are not advised to get into doorways due to the high rate of structural failure of door frames in a building collapse, so I question the advice the PWD in wheelchairs locate themselves there.

    An inside corner appears to be much safer. Also, if you can, throw yourself onto the floor from your chair. You are likely much safer there than with your head higher than surrounding sturdy furniture or equipment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post

    I just corrected your post, replacing all the ( > marks with <cr>. The message that you posted is very interesting and makes a lot of sense. If true, it could save many lives and the methods they now teach around the world should be revised. I grew up in Tokyo, where there were nearly weekly small earthquakes and some big ones every year or two. We had "earthquake drills" which consisted to getting out of the buildings as quickly as possible to standing in the middle of the playground. Doug Copp's article is reproduced here at

    The pictures that they show of the safest places to be at during an earthquake are very interesting. The pictures are worth a thousand words.

    Thankyou, I was too lazy to do that myself at the time that I posted it. Much easier read that way.

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