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Thread: pistol shooting

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    I got a pistol with a laser which helps me aim quicker.

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    I'm t4 and I can hold the gun up by sitting very, VERY forward, but any range should have a "sitting station". This is for those who want to shoot rifles from a sitting position. This means that the target is lower and there is a lower table provided. This would allow you to rest your elbows or hands on the table. Some even have large bean bags you could use.

    For example, this is a lane at the range I go to:

    The normal table folds down and they bring out a small table for me to set the gun on and rest my elbows. They bring out a special target holder that's lower so I'm not shooting the ceiling at close range.

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    Get yourself some snap-caps and practice in front of the TV. The shooting fundamentals are fairly simplistic:

    1. stance
    2. grip
    3. sight alignment
    4. breath control
    5. trigger squeeze
    6. follow through

    Find a position that feels most comfortable and stick with it. The more you change it, the less likely you'll master any ONE position.

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