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Thread: What are the odds

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    What are the odds

    This is the second time I'm posting for a new injury almost 5 years my daughter was injured and is now a quadriplegic. This past weekend My brother was in a motor vehicle accident and has a crush injury at T 5-6. So my family is starting the rehab part all over. Anyone else have a crush injury that has regained sensation or movement?

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    So 2 in the last 5 years in the same family?
    I have 2 kids grown up one just got a organ donor so pissed at him look at me you want to be like me?
    Won't happen to me he says....yeah right....I said you a dump ass.....I told him I had one when I was 20 and after a year someone pulled out in front of me they stoped and I barely got by.....went home clean my shorts put motorcycle up for sale 3 days later it was gone.


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    6 months after my son was injured, his cousin broke his neck snow boarding. My nephew fully recovered - very, very lucky guy!!!

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    I fell and dislocated my spine and suffered sci at T-12. I have regained the ability to walk using crutches and can stumble unassisted. B&B have not returned but there is always hope.

    I met talked to a guy while visiting the hospital where I did my inpatient and he crashed his bike around the same level as you describe. He had alot of preserved movement and sensation. Each injury is unique. The more you get back in the early days are all positive signs toward max return but we will all be dealing with some issues from now on. Good luck!

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