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Thread: Quickie S646 SE vs Quickie P222 SE

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    Quickie S646 SE vs Quickie P222 SE

    I'm C5 and am buying a new power chair

    its the only choices i have right now in Egypt

    Quickie S646 SE vs Quickie P222 SE

    guys i am looking for your advices

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    I have the 222SE and can say that it performs very well and I haven't had any maintenance issues. Something that made me choose it is overall width (besides that I don't think the 646 is available in the US). The 222 is narrower than the 646. The 222 has a normal width of only 24.5" but that goes down to 22.5" with the narrower wheel option. The 646 has a minimum width of 25.75". That narrow width really helps maneuvering around the house and through doors. While the reported length of the 222 is longer (31.5 vs 29.5), I find the length matters less, especially since the 222 maneuvers almost like a mid-drive chair since the drive wheels are further forward. Also, the length of the 222 can be adjusted, but that affects the CG making the chair more or less tippy. I have an Invacare Storm that has similar dimensions to the 646 and find it much more difficult to turn off the hall through a doorway. The 222 has a much longer reported range (30 miles vs. 16.2). And, if it matters, the 222 can be easily split between the chair frame and the drive assembly (making it easier to put in a trunk when the backrest is folded down) which allows push wheels to be attached to the chair frame, turning it into a serviceable (thought heavy) manual chair. Also, if you care, the 222 can be ordered with fixed tapered footrests that appear much sleeker than the standard swing-aways. This isn't a standard option on the 646.
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    I second everything Kulea has said above. The P222 is really is a well-designed chair!


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