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Thread: Low Blood pressure sitting up-33 days post

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    I am T4/T1 complete and i went through the same problems with low blood pressure. Sometimes i would be up a bit in my chair and i can feel myself getting dizzy so i would lean forward to put my head level with my heart. That use to help a lot but in the mean time the nurses would be checking my low bp then racing me back to my bed. It took months of being up in chair for a bit of time then more the next day ect. I also was wearing pressure stocking and sometimes the velco chest wrap, not sure what to call it. But as others are saying it seems to be a normal part of SCI and it just takes some time for your body to adapt, dont worry it will improve.


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    He's at HealthSouth of Erie... They put him on midodrine as of today. I hear it works pretty good, though he's getting goosebumps all day today like he has AD (no headache though) . His BP was 129 which is unheard of for him . I do worry about him having too high of BP when he's lying down on this medicine. That wasn't a problem with the salt tabs, and he was still able to get up and do PT with no major problems and without his ace wraps on. Why not just take salt tabs instead? Anyone have anything to say about either of these methods? I am trying to wean down and adjust his medications based on safety. They have him on like a jillion meds.
    He shouldn't be lying down after taking midodrine. He needs to let it get out of his system first, that's why they tell you not to take it after a certain hr in the evening. I would make sure he stays up at least 3 or 4 hrs after taking it. It can cause supine hypertension if you don't stay up. I've got goosebumps from it, that may be a side effect...look it up. I know tingling of the scalp is. If you are worried he is getting too big of a dose causing minor AD ask the doctors to decrease it. I take 10 mg in the am, but only 2.5-5 mg throughout the day as needed.
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