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Thread: Comfortable pants for men. Having skin issues

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    Comfortable pants for men. Having skin issues

    I didn't know where to ask this question. It is kind of pressure sore related so I think it fits in the care forum.
    I have worn jeans for years, and now I need something softer to protect my skin. I don't know what other guys in the sci community wear, so I'm up for suggestions. I'm not to fond of sweat pants unless someone knows of a brand that looks good.

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    You need custom made bluejeans. Something like these guys:

    I made a pattern from an early pair. Now I have a lady make them for me. They are designed for sitting.

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    kways/windbreaker pants as often as possible...light, soft, breathable, easy to get at a leg bag.... hard to find these days tho

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    There are times, when sweats, jeans, and workout pants just don't make it. I wear all wool (wool comes in summer, winter, and mid season weights, but always wicks moisture) dress pants that NL tailors to fit for me. NL (my wife and caregiver) is a talented seamstress and she can alter the waist, hip, take out back pockets, hem x-long pants to give me complete pant leg cover to break at my shoes in a sitting position. For more casual times, I wear cotton khakis that she can tailor to fit, but I much prefer wool.

    All the best,

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    I use a company located in San Diego named "Adrian's Adaptions" and have always had excellent service. I have been wearing these clothes for several years. You can view his web address here:

    Good luck.
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    these are cotton knit lounge pants but look like jeans (look at bottom of linked page for other styles, cowboy, leather, etc.):

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    What is the problem you're having that makes you think you need something other than jeans?

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    USA Jeans not only makes wheelchair jeans in various denim fabric, but will also make custom jeans using fabric you select:

    Here are wheelchair slacks from the company mentioned above:

    Here is another company:


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    These do have one back pocket but if a seamstress or someone with a seam ripper gets at them before you do more than check the fit it can be removed. This place's clothes can run a bit much but I have found the quality for men and women to last for, well, ever. OK, don't buy goatskin suede anything except in person.
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    One problem with buying your own material and having them made is finding denim that is the same weight as store-bought bluejeans. I'm not sure where the big manufacturers source their material, but you never see it in the fabric stores.
    The lady who makes my trousers is sadly experiencing the first stages of dementia.

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