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Thread: What browser do you use?

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    Chrome #1

    IE#2 when I want to look at all the news stuff and articles.

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    Firefox, then Safari

    All the best,

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    Seamonkey, Iceape and Lynx. Some times Safari or Midori (for better HTML 5). Camino or Iceweasel for those stupid sites that insist on Firefox so that I can flame them. Safari (Mac) is much like Chrome (PC). The Java engine in Chromium is not portable so I am free of it on GNU/Linux on RISC.

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    Chrome and occasionally Firefox.
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    I do a lot of web site testing. It's interesting to watch the trends shift.
    Chrome seems to be steadily overtaking FF and IE in popularity.
    It seems that no one likes Safari.
    I use Chrome by default as I like GMAIL and Google Docs and I have an android phone.

    Have to admit that FF is probably the better product and Opera is probably the best performer. No market share though.

    I hear that the original Mozilla architects are working on something that might be a huge step up in quality.

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    I have Chrome, FF and IE open at pretty much all times.
    Most everything I say is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott C4/5 View Post
    I use Chrome for the majority of my browsing and use IE for the rest. I use Firefox when I'm "private" browsing. lol
    You can use the Chrome "incognito window" for your private browsing
    PS I use Chrome for everything.
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    I've used Firefox since 2004(then known as Firebird).

    History of Firefox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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