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    Angry Advice on chair adjustments- Quickie Q7

    I use a Quickie Q7. This is my first chair and the DME did not fit the chair to what I need but I am stuck with it for another 2 years - so I gotta make do.

    My seat appears to be too high and throwing me off balance. When I remove my cushion and sit straight on the chair sling, I feel more balanced and more able to propel myself. The DME ordered the chair with too little butt dump...ughhh.

    I have the el cheapo Comfort Cushion Contoured. I trim nearly and inch from the bottom - not a pretty job, but effective. Appears I need to buy new axle plates (and appears they are now more adjustible than the previous early version I have). I removed all of the spacers on the axle plate to increase the butt dump, but I still feel like i am riding and balancing way too high and forward. I have almost flipped on my face more than once upon hitting a small rise in a sidewalk. I am not sure I can afford the axle plates at this time.

    Next time I am going to look at Tilite so I have more adjustability. Any suggestions for a fix cheaper than buying new axle plates?
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