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Thread: Keeping pressure off wound while seated

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    I am sooo not a fan of Microcyn for a wound that's deep.
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    I, too would be hesitant to use Microcyn on a deep wound. Does you physician know this is how you are handling this? Any recommendations from him? And although Tim reports that he did not stay off the wound when using the VAC, the recommendations fromk the manufacturer are to stay off the area as much as possible. That is not to say you can not get up, but you really should minimize it.

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    I ditched the wound vac and have been using Puracyn to clean out the wound, as well as a Roho cushion with a few of the little bladders things taped down as mentioned before. It has been slow, but is fillling in nicely.
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    It takes a long time for these things to heal so don't get discouraged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cspine View Post
    What was the cause of your wound Tim?
    Sorry for the delayed response, I don't always have time to review the threads I post too. My wound was caused by working 12 hours a day in my chair, the sore appeared in October but I did not want to take time off work until after the first of the year, I knew it was going to get bad and it did. I took the time off starting in Feb when it was best for my schedule and started new fresh year on my insurance deductable. I know this is NOT the way to do things but it worked well for me.

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    Not that I recommend this, but I have had several small pressure sores in the same area over the years.

    But, I was able to heal them while sitting.

    My skin down there is pretty "loose", so I was able to do a slight pushup with my elbows, and "pull" the damaged skin back so it was partly up toward the small in my back (where no pressure was) and then lower myself down on my Roho.

    Then, I would make a point not to do pushups or try to move so the skin didn't "slide" back down to wear it would get pressure. But, this worked believe it or not.

    The only downsides: You would get some "butt juice" ocasionally since your buthole is kind of partially up your back. Or, you could get a "3rd eye" poop partially sticking out since your rectum is now more free.

    Now, if the wound is the size of a quarter or infected, I don't think that this technique would work.

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    I wish you the best of luck with nursing your soar. I'm nursing a small one myself it is my second(same spot as first) in my 9 years of being injured.

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