Listen to your doctor. I am currently dealing with this issue as well. I started out with 3 large, deep sores on my butt, which quickly morphed into one large, deep wound. I saw my doc 2 weeks ago and she wanted me on 24/7 bed rest. I live alone, so this is not possible for me, but I stayed off the area as much as I could, as she felt I was quickly on the path to needing surgery. I went to see her yesterday, at the 2 week mark, and am down to two shallow, well defined, significantly smaller sores. It's not fun, and I still have to stay out of my chair more than I'd like until the wounds have healed, but it's worth it. I was told that once you have surgery, the tissue is never quite the same, and you will be more prone to developing sores in that area. I am also using a Roho cushion and slide board now, and have increased my protein intake, all of which I believe are contributing positively to the healing process. Be good to your body and it will show its appreciation.