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Thread: No Appetite - Any Tips ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obieone View Post
    Thanks so much for all the responses everyone !

    Yes the new med is nabilone - - started in the Spring. And I assumed if anything his appetite would increase. It's been very effective helping to relieve his shoulder pain.

    I do suspect depression because his pain doc took him off his paxil suggesting he wouldn't need it as long as he was taking the nabilone - but I'm not convinced.

    With the tangle of meds he's on, an occasional uti (treated) and the emotional up's and down's of just plain living it makes makes it hard to pin point what the real issue is.

    I appreciate all the suggestions !

    I think folks significantly underestimate how confounding the tangle of meds can be. When in doubt it is probably the culprit.

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    I don't know if it's an option,but I tale remeron 60 Mg sol tab at bed time and it has worked great,I also sleep ALOT better.
    Good luck,

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    Here is a comprehensive reliable reference to nabilone. As mentioned above, appetite changes are a documented side effect of this medication.

    Betheny gives good advice about adding fats to what little he eats and try to also include a fish oil supplement too.

    He should report this side effect to the prescribing doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obieone View Post
    Bill seems to have lost his appetite - we don't know if it's the meds or what but it's starting to become a concern. The only new med he's on should have the opposite effect as far as a side affect goes .

    Any one have any thoughts ? It's hard to get someone to eat when they don't give a hoot about eating ....... anything !!

    A great chance to slim down though!
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    Doctors here rx marinol to residents in the nursing home that lack an appetite.
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    I tried marinol and nabilone, they did nothing for me and are hard on the organs. I stick to the stuff grown naturally than the synthetic version. Try some of that and I bet he gets the same pain relief if not better and his appetite back. I see you're from MB. If he sees Dr. Ethans ask her about getting a Rx for it.

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    smoke weed. it makes you really hungry.

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