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Thread: Colors of the Shark R/S

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    Colors of the Shark R/S

    I wonder still order the R / S from Quickie, but I have little difficulty in determining me what color it should have.

    I've looked pretty much the web for a color chart for this model, but I have not found any that were not very old, and those I probably do not use for anything now that I could imagine that their colors have been orizontal in over time.

    Regardless where you choose to order it from, so it says a lot of color options, but there is no picture of the different farverm and e.g. is a red not just red.

    There are many different kinds of red, and so it is also with the other possible colors. there are some here who know where to find such a color chart? I could be apparent to one for shark S model, but I am not sure that the possibilities of color to the RS is the same. hope some of you have an idea where I can find what I seek.

    I've tried all of the official or "large" sites that have this hand bike model program for sale.

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