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    Barbecue grill

    Does anyone know of a good barbecue grill that is reasonably wheelchair accessible? I want a gas grill that gets very hot. The ones I looked at typically have a huge lid that I cannot manipulate in the chair and are also too high.

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    I had been searching for such a grill for several years without success. The problem was solved when I got my power wheelchair with an elevating seat.
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    The Cuisinart and the two Weber Q series tabletops are all good.
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    I recently got a Weber Genesis blablabla, and LOVE it. It gets super hot QUICK so I'm guessing the table top Weber would be a good choice!

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    Like Mombo I use a Genisis for my gas grilling with one of these to help lift and pull down the lid.

    If you want to get into the real good Q, this is abt the best and can be ordered with a counter balance to make lifting the lid on smoke chamber almost effortless. The fire box is low enough to open easily from a chair. You can get started cheaply with this but it will not last since it is also cheaply built. Charcoal or better yet hardwood is far better than gas for flavor IMHO, but it is more work and more time consuming. Gas is ok, and I do use it, but wood smoke is hard to beat.

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    Recently got a gas grill at KMart - it was set up along with all the other grills, but the item is found boxed in the sporting goods department; it's portable - has 2 wheels on one side. It's perfect wheelchair-use height and we've abandoned our other, higher grill. It was about $80 and uses the cannister bottled gas, which is so much easier for us to handle. No "bells and whistles" but it does the job well.

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    I use a Weber One Touch Gold. It is the perfect height for a wheelchair. I gave up the gas for charcoal and never looked back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GinoL View Post
    I use a Weber One Touch Gold. It is the perfect height for a wheelchair. I gave up the gas for charcoal and never looked back!
    Well, I prefer charcoal but it just seems too dangerous, an ember or coal could wind up on my lap and I wouldn't know. Actually this happened once, burned a hole in my pants due to a stray ember. So I am staying with gas although it does not taste quite as good.

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