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Thread: Jakeyboy1, SCI_OTR others: Quickie S646 SE, Permobile C350, and Invacare Torque Sp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeyboy1 View Post
    Since you put my name in the title..... you are asking for my opinion.....

    First let me answer your question: Torque Sp verses Arrow. Exact same frame, different motors. Arrow has Gearless brushless, Torque has 4-pole motors. The difference is about 2-3 thousand dollars. If you can pay the difference or get the GB approved, go with the GB's.
    so in your opinion you would take the storm with gearless brushes over 222se and 4-pole motors? Donnie

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeyboy1 View Post
    It's time for me to get a new power chair. My insurance company has already approved a group 2 k0823, which I promptly turned down. We play this game every time a new wheelchair is due. My last 2 chairs have been bounderplus classics. Their supplier does not deal with bounder plus so always get a third-party and a letter of agreement. I am not sure I have the energy to fight the good fight. This time around may end up settling for an Invacare or Quickie as the insurance company gets a huge discount from those two. It is basically a game of patience with me but if I settle for an Invacare or Quickie I am going to make it the best chair. Even with the bounder plus I always get a standard wheelchair. The same will be with the Invacare and Quickie. So when time comes down to making choice, I will be asking you for a lot of advice. As my provider does not even have an OT or PT to measure me for chair or cushion. It is somewhat a joke. Donnie

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin' man View Post
    so in your opinion you would take the storm with gearless brushes over 222se and 4-pole motors?
    Having both the Storm and the 222SE, I can say, no question, the 222SE handles better, and has fewer build issues. Neither was a turkey chair, but the Storm had all kinds of little issues. The footrests hangers got torqued the day I got the chair and after replacements, etc, I have NEVER gotten the footrests to line up. A similar story happened with the flip-up armrests. And the geometry of the Storm is not as good. It is a wider, bulkier chair than the 222 and there is a limit to how short I could make the chair because the footrests start rubbing caster tires before I could shorten the chair enough to move the CG forward to where I would want it. Being heavier, the Storm just drives so much more like an elephant, it doesn't have the nimbleness of the 222. I got a programmer and worked forever and could never get the Storm to feel responsive. The 222 came already super responsive. I haven't even plugged in the programmer I bought with it.
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