Well things are getting shittier. I went to get my last script fill from the current place, and found out the prior authorization on my morphine had expired. And I couldn't get a PA since I have no pain dr, and couldn't wait any longer because I'd already used up my buffer of morphine waiting for the script to get to the pharmacy since the didn't have it to give me on the 31st. So I was only able to get 60 instead of 90 morphine. I'm going to have to cut back now.

I got the referral to a pain clinic and called, but found out they're too far for me to get to. They're twice as far away as IU is. I physically can't drive that far in my car, and have currently been having to borrow a friends van to go places and that's a gas hog among the difficulty of making sure it's available when I need it. I was selling my car in the spring because of not being able to drive it. It's a manual and I can't deal with the clutch and my left knee. My roommate had always been the one to drive back when I was mostly bedridden. So now that I'm going places alone I need a car to get there! But my car was broken into, and I don't have money to do the needed repairs to be able to get enough out of it to buy another car. I'm not currently on a bus route either.

I called my drs office and left a message that the place is too far away, and mentioned it's twice as far away as IU which I had mentioned as a possibility. Tomorrow it will have been a week, and I don't even have a pain appt yet!! So I'm REALLY Hoping my geneticist is willing to write me a month of meds when I see him.