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Thread: Do I have to give 2 weeks notice before firing a PCA?

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    Do I have to give 2 weeks notice before firing a PCA?

    Is there a law?

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    If there is a good reason for termination then no notice.

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    Definitely do not give two weeks notice. tell them their services are no longer needed after they have left your house via a phone call. and do not let them back in. when people get fired, their first reaction is anger. there is no telling what they may do, like something crazy such as "going postal." if you feel you need to, provide 2 weeks severance pay, but there is no law saying you have to.

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    Yes, definately do not give them two weeks notice or even alude that you are going to fire them, this could end up endangering you health, no telling what they might do including theft, something that could mess up your health or even just plain freaking out and making the next two weeks a nightmare for you.
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    Recently had to let a PCA go who has worked for my mother for 6 years. Not sure what is going on with her, but the quality of her care and truthfulness went downhill, in spite of counseling her about problems. I gave her two weeks severance as is listed in our contract (with exceptions for serious violations), but let her go immediately and changed the locks that day. We paid her for the 4 shifts she would have worked over the following two weeks (she worked weekend morning shifts only).

    Not required by law, but I felt in consideration of the 5 1/2 years of good care and service she had given that she deserved that much. She was very upset and teary when I let her go too.

    I have now replaced her and am training the new PCA.


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    I agree with everyone, just tell them to get lost.....

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    Agreed. For your protection and quality of care. Just let them go.
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