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Thread: transfer seat and easy lock

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    transfer seat and easy lock

    gettin a new van thinkin of driving from transfer seat but using an easy lock on passenger side when not driving whats the thoughtson that or should i just get 2 transfer seats thinkin easy lock so when im in passenger side wont have to stow the chair and be more room
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    Hi "Wheelin 48,"
    Here is a short article you might find interesting:
    Transfer Seats for Your Handicapped Van
    By Bob Lundin
    When a handicapped van is purchased, one question that must be answered is how the wheelchair bound person will enter and exit the vehicle, and how they will occupy it during travel. There are several options available including ramps, lifts, and transfer seats. Ramps and lifts are usually the first thing that pops to mind, but a transfer seat can be a comfortable and easy way to ride.

    Transfer seats provide the maximum amount of space for entering and exiting a handicapped van or other vehicle. These seats can be used for a wide range of disabilities. There are different types of seats ranging from those that simply swivel allowing a wheelchair bound person to easily enter the seat, to those that are fully automated. These seats are used in the front driver and passenger areas.
    The most technologically advanced transfer seat is a power seat. These seats allow the wheelchair bound person to quickly and easily transfer from the wheelchair to one of the front seats. With the touch of your fingertip you can control the movements of the transfer seat. It will fit most vans and minivans. In addition it swivels 90 degrees making it easy to enter and exit. The power transfer seat has a six-way operation for moving up, down, forward, back, and rotating right or left.
    These type of seats are designed to make travel easy and comfortable. It's much more enjoyable to sit in a comfortable seat, especially when traveling long distances. Some seats are removable and can be easily removed and then locked back into place as necessary. In addition, these seats use the regular automotive seatbelt systems. Furthermore, they do not necessarily require any structural modifications to the handicapped van.
    Transfer seats can be removed from an original handicapped van and put in a subsequent vehicle with little trouble, making their useful life longer to the handicapped person. Being able to use these seats for a longer period of time eases the fact that these seats can be expensive. However, when you factor the original cost over the life of the seat, you realize it is a very affordable option.
    A handicapped van can be well-equipped when it has a transfer seat. It may also have a ramp or lift for ease in taking the wheelchair along during traveling. All of these options together make for an excellent vehicle in which to transport the wheelchair bound or disabled family member. is a premier provider of new and used handicapped vanswheelchair lifts in your area. and mobility equipment. Visit today to find

    Article Source:

    What kind of a chair are you using? Some wheelchairs aren't the most comfortable ride and you may prefer the transfer seat for comfort.

    I like the two transfer seat option because you have a passenger seat for a companion when you are driving. Of course, you can have the original equipment passenger seat adapted to tie down in the passenger position, but that would require removing the seat to permit you to be the passenger using your wheelchair and EZ lock tie down (and there is the problem of what do you do with that adapted seat when you are the passenger).
    All the best,

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    Wouldn't having the EZ Lock on passenger side allow you all kinds of room for transfer to the 6 way power driver seat. Plus, if you are ever ill, have an injured shoulder or are nursing a sore sometimes it's better to cut down on transfers and the EZ Lock would come in handy if you have a driver. Don't most mobility places offer a seat that can be latched into the passenger seat area when needed. I believe these stow in a secured position elsewhere in the van. Any AB who wants to ride in passenger area should be able to secure this in place.

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    depends how often you don't plan on driving.

    you can always transfer to the back seat, by the way.

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    good ideas and points yall thanks thinkin ezlock might be best so confused
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    It would be great to install a 6 way transfer seat over the ezlock, So you can sommetimes remove the 6 way and So you still have tthat option to drive from a wheelchair too, when needed. I been wanting this for the longest time...

    I been thinking about just buying a swivel plate for captain seats and installing it because my driver seat now can easy be remove and my ezlock right under it.
    The seat sits up on a 10in base...hmmmm
    coolbreeze c6/7

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    "I been thinking about just buying a swivel plate for captain seats and installing it because my driver seat now can easy be remove and my ezlock right under it.
    The seat sits up on a 10in base...hmmmm"

    me too coolbreeze! did you ever get that done?

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