Hello everyone I am new to this site as I have a hidden spina bifida relating to chonic utis becoming acute & causing episodes of temporary pain & near paralysis. Yes I am mobile based in UK ,but cannot do distance re: breathing . I have a mobility scooter & very independent . As a consequence am getting multi related conditions not addressed & as a result had a cardiac arrest.

I have tried many of painkillers you mention but none work except paramol[ possibly metranizodole] & acupuncture cupping maybe a TENS machine, patches in Argos.

According to fibro people have that too there are 2 types of pain & suspect ours could be neuro due to brain involvement I have petit mal & feel pain acutely .I have a horrible feeling when the utis are out of control [ not under a Profs control 3 weekly ] this is what is causing it .

The only hope of a cure could be stem cells or do you think otherwise.