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Thread: Very Swollen Foot Overnight

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    Very Swollen Foot Overnight

    I woke up this morning with a very swollen left foot. I had severe foot cramps all during the night. I can't walk on this leg at all. It's now very difficult to transfer out of my wheel chair and I can't wear my AFO brace on that foot, so crutching is very difficult.

    I have Peripheral Neuropathy and normally I'm very active teaching Scuba. I don't have weight issues, nor diabetes etc

    Any ideas on what happened last night?


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    Blood clot?

    Two weeks ago I woke up with a swollen right foot. It was puffy - when I pushed my skin it did not come back to the normal setting for about five minutes. My helper here that day, she told me that it could be a sign of a blood clot. I called my cardiologist and they wanted me to come right in, this was a Friday morning. I went in because they said that it could be a clot, they did an ultra sound in the technicians room, it was a clot!

    I was put on Coumadin a blood thinner, 10 days later they looked again and the clot was barely noticeable. They want me to stay on Coumadin for six months (I'm on a low dose) to be sure that another clot doesn't develop. Bummer to have to take the drug. But the risk of heart damage........

    This happened once before years ago, after two days the swelling didn't go down so went to an orthopedic doc who with ex-rays found that I had broke, (or maybe fractured it not broke, my memory is fading) my right leg. I knew when it happened, I was transferring from my chair to a couch and slipped onto the floor, no problem at all, but the twist to my leg broke the femur bone, I think it was, he had me wear a brace for about a month or more. They put a filter in my Vena Cava I believe, to catch any of the clot that could break off and hit my heart.
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    A sudden swelling of a leg or foot should prompt a rapid evaluation (ER if you cannot see your physician the same day). Things to rule out are a venous clot (DVT, deep vein thrombosis, thrombophlebitis), a fracture of the bone in the leg, or a sudden flare of HO. Left leg swelling can sometimes also be associated with bad constipation or an impaction.

    cbdives, I hope you have sought medical attention for this already.


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