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Thread: Seated Paddle Boarding?

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    Seated Paddle Boarding?

    I've spent my entire summer out on the water, both rowing and kayaking. The other day, I saw someone paddle boarding out at Jericho Beach and it struck me. Would there be any benefit/challenge to try paddle boarding in a seated position? Or, at the end of the day, is it essentially akin to kayaking then?

    Anyone try it?

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    I'd think it'd be more akin to adaptive cross country skiing. Different balance game than in a kayak.

    I see your point though...

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    Think it would be more of a kayak effect with the loss of feeling somewhat secured by falling off. It could well be an excellent source of using trunk muscles or getting better at swimming. :-)
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    We live near a large fresh water lake and recently noticed many people using paddle boards this summer i guess it is the in thing right now, having sat and watched them it looks a lot like trying to stand on a snow board or skate board great balance is paramount to success some thing that has always eluded me... does look like a great workout..

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